> 鎖在時光之流中的玫瑰石城-佩特拉 *Rosy City Locked in Time - Petra

Looking to the sky in the Siq
Shade pattern
Treasury bathed in early morning sun
One Thousand Arabian Nights
Bedouin boy with his donkey
Treasury Porch Details
View of Treasury at the opening of the Siq
The Siq
Rock formation at the Siq
Arab Head on a store post
Details of the Treasury
The Tomb of Unayshu
Colors of the Sandstone 1
Colors of the Sandstone 2
Colors of the Sandstone 3
Rock formation
Bedouin kids
Resting under the shade
Deep and narrow gorge of the Siq
Shade pattern in the Siq
Sculpture at the great temple
Bedouin boy in the morning sun
Treasury shade
Nabataean Theater
Sun glowing on the rocks (The Siq)
A Camel waiting to give you a ride
Colonnaded Street
The Great Temple
Golden pink of the rocks