> 耶路撒冷舊城 *Jerusalem Old City

Flowers Planted Outside Old City
View of Jerusalem old city
Tower of David Museum with Israeli Flag
Dove Carving on Old City Wall in Christian Quarter
Young lad going to school stopped to post
Street sweeper in the early morning
Young boy going to school with paper in hand
Orthodox Jews
Boy going to school in the Alley of Flowers
Man on bicycle in Old City Alley
Israeli Flag Proud in the Morning Sun
Man on motorcycle in the Old City Alley
Myrtle against Jerusalem stone wall
Cardo Maximus - Ancient Roman Market Road
Man chatting before going to work
Man with family near Cardo Maximus
Rose with palm in background
A Jewish Woman in Front of the Women's Torah Institute
Market Street leading to Jaffa Gate
Colorful quilts in the market
Bedouin quilt hung in the center of old city
Plants on the Wall
Colorful lanters 1
Colorful lanters 2
Clothes Drying in the Christian Quarter
94 Years Old Arab Christian Lady
Nadir with Mom and Friend
Rock mover on St. Mark Rd. (Armenian Quarter)
Jerusalem map mosaic
Artist (Victor Jerusalem) working in his gallery in Cardo
Welcome to the Jewish Quarter
Young kids from Los Angeles Raising Fund
Boy with Cotton Candy
Boy looking at cotten candy
Menorah made by the Temple Institute
View of Rampart, North of Jaffa Gate
View of City from Rampart
Tower of David
View of Rampart
View of Tower of David, South of Jaffa Gate
On the Rampart, South of the Jaffa Gate
View of Bread Vendor from the Rampart
View of Temple Mount from the Mt. of Olive
St. Stephen's Gate
Beautiful Garden in the Second Station of Via Dolorosa : The Chapel of the Flagellation
Third Station of Via Dolorosa: Jesus Falls for the First Time
Western Wall
Dove Perching on the Stone Crack of Western Wall
Prayer Papers Inserted to the Western Wall
Woman Praying at the Western Wall